Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome to CoinSec

The purpose of this site is to give the general public user-friendly tutorials and tips on how to secure or increase security for bitcoin wallets.

For many people having direct access to their bitcoins, without relying on an online wallet, is the safest way to store and manage their bitcoins. However, the key to holding the bitcoins yourself is security through encryption. Without it, your bitcoins are vulnerable to theft.

Unfortunately, tutorials for securing bitcoin wallets can be very technical or not as simple to find. Therefore, CoinSec created a series of user-friendly tutorials on how to secure bitcoin wallets in offline format, or increase security in online format.

Fair warning: These tutorials are by no means a guarantee of security for your bitcoins, and if you decide to use the tutorials you will be doing so at your own risk. The tutorials are only for informative purposes and we can't be held responsible if you misuse them, lose your bitcoins, or if the tutorials do not give you the result you were hoping to get. In other words, the information in these tutorials is not fool-proof. By using these tutorials you are accepting the risk in using them, you are taking full responsibility for it, and you are releaving and its author from any responsibility on your use of the tutorials.

These are the CoinSec tutorials:

I. How to create a cold storage wallet

II. Using warm storage

III. Increase security for online storage

IV. Creating encrypted paper wallets.

V. Backup, backup, backup

VI. Create an ecrypted cold storage USB thumb drive

While you may only be lookig for one of the tutorials only, we encourage you to read them all, as you may find additional information related to the topic you are interested in through the other tutorials.

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